Boost your car’s

  • Up to +20%
    more1 power
  • Up to +20%
  • Up to +15%
  • Smartphone -
  • 3 tune
  • Faster AT
    gear shifting

Boost your car’s

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Introducing the New RSCHIP

This Next Generation chip combines the power output of our legendary RSChip with new features and easier installation. The RSCHIP is our latest high performance Dynamic Soft-Flasher. Inside is a revolutionary new 20MHz microprocessor with on-board EEPROM to store our custom maps. Integrated Bluetooth, USB, and OBD-II Plug & Play technology makes this RSChip the easiest to use and most powerful model we’ve ever made.

Up to +20%
more1 power
Faster AT
gear shifting
OBD-II Plug&Play
Self programmable
with smartphone
or computer

How does it work?

The RSChip utilizes revolutionary new high speed IO to communicate directly with the ECU through the OBD-II port. Inside your car’s ECU, a 3-dimensional map tells your fuel injectors exactly how much fuel to deliver given current air temperature, density, engine speed, throttle position, and other variables. From the factory, this map is generic and designed to provide a sluggish, no-surprises style of driving to suit a wide range of drivers. The RSCHIP Performance Chip temporarily replaces parts of this map with parts from our highly tuned performance maps, and will safely unleash your engine's full potential, without voiding the warranty.

Recommended modifications :

- K&N or equivalent non-restrictive intake
- 92 octane fuel

The RSCHIP is compatible with factory equipped Turbo/Superchargers, Flex-Fuel, & HHO systems.

Safe for
your engine
ECU is not
between vehicles
in the USA
Two sport


Use the RSChip App on your Apple or Android smartphone to connect to your chip on the go. Use the app to customize options such as engine load, fuel octane, and aftermarket modifications in order to maximize gains. You can also choose to prioritize power, fuel efficiency, or a mix of both.

The RSChip App makes changing vehicles easy. Simply connect the to your chip and download maps from our database of over 4,000 supported vehicles.

Installation with smartphone

  1. Connect with OBD II
  2. Dowload tune File
  3. Select your mode
  4. Drive up to 120 miles
  5. Enjoy emproved performance

Try it now for free

RSCHIP desktop software

desktop software presetation

RSCHIP desktop installation

  1. Start RSCHIP desktop software
  2. Connect your RSCHIP by USB to your computer
  3. Select your car and download a tune-File
  4. Select from 3 modes of driving: SPORT+, SPORT or ECO

Is it safe?

RSchip replaces the factory value with one from its on-board performance tuned map. It reads the ECU and the ECU's fuel and timing values ONLY are the subjects to change. The RSchip will not affect any other electronic systems such as dashboard displays, safety features, transmission etc. It doesn’t overwrite the Electronic Control Unit in your vehicle. Thus, there is no risk of overloading individual engine components. RSchip doesn’t affect your warranty and is untraceable if it needs to be removed.

Is it dyno proven?

Our product gains have been proven by numerous dyno tests coducted in-house as well as worldwide, with the help of our internatonal reseller team.
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    Money Back
  • 2 years
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1Real-world gains may be less or more depending on a large number of contributing factors.

2Smartphone App is compatible only with RSCHIP.